The Church of Satoshi: Craig Wright Returns to Chase Out the Altcoin Lenders

Self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto, Craig Wright, has reappeared to suggest that his ‘return’ to the Bitcoin community in 2015 was akin to Jesus Christ returning to a corrupted church. 

Self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto, Craig Wright, recently suggested that his controversial return to the Bitcoin community in 2015 was akin to Jesus Christ returning to a corrupted church. 

The former pastor told listeners of Patrick Bet-Davd’s Valuetainment podcast that the reason he draws so much hatred from the Bitcoin community is because he ruined their anarchist mythology. A mythology which Wright says is a corruption of his original invention.

Craig Wright: The Hated Martyr of Bitcoin?

Podcast host Bet-David anticipated Wright’s usual bluntness by opening with a blunt question of his own:

“There’s a community that is fully furious with you, and a smaller community that believes in you… Why did you decide to one day wake up and piss off everybody?”

Wright’s appearance on the world stage in 2015 ignited a brief flicker of hope that the real Satoshi Nakamoto had indeed been found. A coming-out event was planned where Wright was supposed to reveal cryptographic keys from one of the earliest Bitcoin blocks. But in the end, nothing happened. So why did Wright decide to piss everyone off?

“Well, I didn’t really decide that at all. Where people are going wrong is they seem to think I’m going to invent a creation and then be happy that everyone twists it and makes it into something else,” said Wright.

Wright said he chose to abandon the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto when darknet drug markets like the Silk Road began to emerge. He claims the idea that Bitcoin was supposed to be a censorship-free tool that enables users to bypass government regulation is simply a myth.

Wright claims to have ruined that myth by pointing out that Bitcoin was always supposed to work with the government, not against it.

“Bitcoin doesn’t do anything like that. That is all mythology. So, these people hate me for the simple fact that I’m ruining their myth,” he said.

Fyodor Dostoevsky: dead 140 years but still a better Satoshi than Wright.

Christ, Dostoevsky and the Church of Satoshi

Sections of the cryptocurrency community are known to carry a strong anti-government sentiment. They view Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency in general, as a non-violent means of taking economic power back from the hands of an international banking cartel.

But according to Wright, such people are simply building a church, and it’s one that he wants nothing to do with. He said:

“It’s basically a case of: they’ve produced a church of Satoshi, and I’ve come back, and I’m not what they want. It’s the scene in Dostoevsky [The Brothers Karamazov] where Christ comes back to talk with the inquisitor – and the inquisitor doesn’t want him. He says ‘we don’t need you anymore, the church is fine.’ But the church is not fine.”

Self-comparisons to the son of God aside, Wright here alludes to the narrative that has accompanied his Bitcoin SV (BSV) project since its creation. Namely, that his “real” version of Bitcoin will comply with all government regulations as intended, and win the day in the end. Wright said:

“Bitcoin is designed to be open and honest. You don’t get that by destroying governments.”
Proclamations of transparency and honesty would perhaps mean more coming from someone who wasn’t so shrouded in mythology himself.

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