The 10 Greatest Songs About Bitcoin

Bitcoin and music might seem an unlikely juxtaposition, but several dankly delicious gems have emerged over the years detailing the good, the bad, and the bizarre of crypto.

Across genres, bitcoin has inspired content creators and artists to add their two sats to the sonic pool of bitcoin music. In no particular order, here are 10 of the best.

All Time Lows – Lil Bubble 

A parody of 2019’s viral, genre-jumping mega hit Old Town Road by Lil Nas X, Lil Bubble of YouTube channel The Crypto Bubble laments the life of a rekt altcoin hodler, refusing to give up hope even in the blackest of bear markets. If you’re the type who’s “gonna ride my alts down to all-time lows” because you’re “emotionally attached” to shitcoins, this is the jam for you. 

Bitcoin Rap Battle Debate: Hamilton vs. Satoshi

What’s a mixtape without a rap battle? In this case, a time-traveling showdown pitting US founding father and central bank shill boi Alexander Hamilton against Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. “Am I a pseudonym? A group of men? It doesn’t even matter. I invented bitcoin ‘cause fiat is a disaster.”

F*ck Off Blockstream

Love Samson Mow or hate him, this song uploaded by YouTuber Nasty Bits actually fucking rocks — a rare feat in the world of bitcoin tunes, where crypto geeks trying their hand at music can unfortunately produce cringe results. To compare Blockstream to a troublesome hair in one’s rectal cavity is no easy task, but this mysterious band does it with style, and lays Mow’s “bullshit coin scheme” and “finance pipedream” to rest once and for all.

Gotta Cash ‘Em All (Pokemon Parody)

Speaking of cheesy, this ditty takes the cake, but in undeniably compelling fashion. Sung by the actual dude who sang the Pokemon theme song for the English TV show, Jason Paige, this juicy sonic nugget is for those otaku and Pokemon lovers who only “wanna pay with the very best.” 

Bitcoin Baron – Ytcracker 

This electronic rap jam by ytcracker is a throwback to bitcoin’s old school, being released all the way back in 2013 — a true classic of crypto’s musical pantheon. Pushing Silk Road and crypto anarchy, ytcracker reminds us all that that “there’s a road made of silk if you must get your hustle … avoidin’ a brush with the law.” While rap tends to dominate bitcoin themed music, this veteran joint is one that will resonate for years. 

Bitconnect EDM Remix 

The real question here is not how this happened, but how it could possibly not have happened. Carlos and EDM are a match made in scam-phetamine heaven. DJ or hype man should have been Carlos’ true calling. But life goes on, and this remix will have you asking your homies wasu wasu wasu wasssuuuuppppppp all day long as the markets spike and fall.

HODL GANG – Chris Record 

Released in December 2017 at the height of bitcoin’s meteoric surge in value, people love this song for the same reason they can’t leave bitcoin after such sick gains: It’s all about the hook. 

Hodl – Johnny Crash

I checked my stack today

my pain I can’t conceal

I try to use my brain

this crash will surely heal

The NEO tears a hole

I couldn’t help but buy

Try to say that it’s OK

but I bought at an all-time high…

What have I become?

Trent Reznor, Johnny Cash and Satoshi are all done proud by this tragic and relatable jam about becoming a rekt altcoin pleb.

Bitcoin Ca$h – Lil Windex

The legendary story of Lil Windex’s rags-to-riches rise from homeless windshield washer to raining sats all day from his dope BCH mansion inspired lots of love and hate. Whatever you think of the whiny-voiced Windex, the vid blew up YouTube with 1.5 million views and reaction videos a-plenty. The beat is undeniably good, as Windex verbally slaps his haters with the tasty couplet: “I got me a wife people think she’s a gold-digger, well I think they’re jealous and broke and so go figure.” 

Digital Gold – 88N8

I got coin like Mario

Bump it, turn up the audio

This that digi-dolla flow

This the shit you just gotta know

Another jam published at the height of 2017’s bull market, 88N8 doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to laying out the final case for the true utility of bitcoin: “Fuck the fed we just laughing at em cause they can’t touch it.”

Bitcoin Jingle – Tatiana Moroz

Alright, so we’re at 11 songs now, but Tatiana’s pro quality, easy pop jingle imploring the world to spend bitcoin is a shoe in. “I thought about it, I thought about it, what was the choice that I made? It was to take away the money, don’t give up your money, use bitcoin whenever you pay.”

Honorable mentions

Vitalik Dancing – Just “look at Vitalik dance. To me it’s almost like romance.” This short song and “Bitcoin pls go to moon” are infectious and “To-nay Vays” would likely approve. Both songs are from YouTube channel 1thousandx.

The Bitcoin Obituaries Song – An ongoing reminder to ignore the MSM haters, put to the infectiously catchy and energizing tune “No Money” by Galantis.

Ode to Satoshi – Bitcoins and Gravy – “From the ghettos of Calcutta to the halls of Parliament, while the bankers count our money out for every government, old bitcoin flies on through the skies of virtuality, a promise to deliver us from age old tyranny.” 

Finally, Bitcoin Billionaire by Remy is a fun flow that describes bitcoin as “a money like my last girl, completely virtual,” while Japan’s Cryptocurrency Girls take things to a whole new level of bizarre as only the land of the rising sun can do, reminding us all: “don’t ever buy at a price like hell.” Sound advice, to be sure. What songs would make your top 10 bitcoin jams?

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