EtherCards Framework to Arrive on March 18 and Be Followed by Several Card Collections

The crypto industry is exploding, and not just with prices. New crypto and blockchain-related products are emerging all around the world. Canada, for example, recently launched Bitcoin ETFs, and only 2 days after launch, the product saw $421.8 million in assets under management.

Meanwhile, on Ethereum, a project called EtherCards is about to launch its framework, as well as three different card collections. This innovative and original product will allow participants to maximize opportunities and value offered by their chosen NFT tokens.

What is EtherCards Framework About?

EtherCards is a fully-integrated ecosystem composed of two parts — EtherCards platform and EtherCards tokens. The platform is a community-driven NFT framework, which allows creators to maximize the value of their NFT art or series. They can do this through integration with other marketplaces. There are numerous utilities, such as bingos, raffles, bounties, and over a dozen others for any NFT asset.

As for the underlying token, the so-called EtherCard NFT token — it is an advanced membership card. In essence, its purpose is to allow the community to use the platform and its features. There are, of course, benefits to owning them. They provide discounts on rates, free services, royalties, bonuses, and more. On top of that, the tokens are also used to engage with the community. And, lastly, they are likely going to be mostly used for participating in rewarding games.

The membership cards will be offered after the platform’s official launch on March 18th. Those interested in obtaining them should follow the event closely, as the cards will be distributed on a first-come-first-served basis.

What are the Benefits of Owning EtherCards?

Ether.Cards is planning to issue a lot of card sets down the road, but the ownership of these membership cards, which will be released on the day of the launch, will carry far more advantages than any future set. While future cards will have value due to rarity, EtherCards released on March 4th will offer three different features.

The first one will be significant, multi-use perpetual discounts on assets and services offered by the EtherCards platform. Next, the cards will provide perpetual fee-waivers and receive incentives through contract fees, assets or ongoing art drops.

What Cards will the Platform Offer?

After the launch of the platform’s framework, there will be three collections that users will be able to buy cards from:

  • OG (Original Gangster)
  • Alpha
  • Common

There will also be Founder Cards, which will not carry special abilities. However, they will be rare, and these cards will have 1-digit serial numbers, from 0 to 9.

There will only be 90 OG cards, marked with serial numbers from 10 to 99. These will have the highest chance of bringing traits, and more than that — of bringing several of them. 

Alpha cards will have 3-digit serial numbers, and with 900 cards in existence, their numbers will go from 100 to 999. While less rare than OG cards, they will still have distinguishing features, and 2x better chance to grant such features to users than regular cards.

Lastly, Common cards will make up the rest of the offering, with 4-digit serial numbers. There are 9,000 of these cards in existence, and even these can bring any of the special features. However, the previous two collections have a greater chance of doing so. Common cards will have some traits that will only be revealed once the sale is over.

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