What is Bidl?

Bidl presents the world through a bitcoin lens and a monero monacle. Crypto news, tech, gaming, darknet and opsec are served up sizzling, with practical walk-throughs for those who like their education well done. A business directory, comprising a who’s who of crypto companies, completes the banquet.

Who’s behind Bidl?

Bidl is crafted by a team who’ve been around the block, stealth mined the block, and crumbled a corner off the block. Now they’re skinning one up for Bidl.

We know bitcoin. And we know what bitcoin needs right now: a site that separates the fool’s gold from the digital gold and the crap from the crypto. We won’t sling you earnest opeds about placing everything on a blockchain. You don’t need another Coindesk.

And we won’t shill you on this hot new crypto that could be the next bitcoin. You definitely don’t need another Forbes.

Bidl is a better dressed ZeroHedge making out like a drunken Gawker. It supplies your fix of bitcoin and tech news, lulz, learning and whatever else you like on your cornflakes. Deep dives and beginner’s guides will enhance your opsec and level up your crypto knowledge. Viral content will scratch the places that other sites can’t reach.

We’re not here to take the place of your favorite crypto news site. We’re here to complement it, like a sidechain. And as everyone knows, that’s where the fun happens.

What’s Bidl’s endgame?

We aim to become the home of alternative crypto: an authentic voice that documents the face of the industry, the seedy underbelly, and everything in between. In the meantime, we’ll settle for rustling jimmies while hustling for clicks. But don’t think we’re just fooling around: strip away the snark and you’ll find an earnest desire to see bitcoin and monero succeed. We didn’t start the fire, but we’ll happily fan the flames until crypto realizes its full potential, whether that’s banking the unbanked or gambling the ungambled.

Can I advertise on Bidl?

Sure. Email hello@bidl.io.