5 of the Best Free Crypto Alert Services

This guide to cryptocurrency alerts includes some of the very best free crypto alerts for bitcoin, crypto alerts for ethereum and alerts for blockchain. With that thinly veiled SEO preamble out of the way, let’s take a closer look at the best free crypto alert tools on the market.

Cryptocurrency Alerting

Crypto alerts don’t get much better than this. Cryptocurrency Alerting wastes no time either, allowing users to customize its menus and functionality. To successfully complete and set alerts, registration is required. It’s a quick signup process, and following one confirmation email everything is ready to go. With CA, users can choose to receive alerts for price movements, coin listings, wallets and blockchain metrics. 

It’s also possible to choose from a variety of notifications including SMS, email, mobile push message, phone call, browser notification, Slack bot, Telegram bot, or Discord bot. At press time there was no mention of semaphore or smoke signals as alert mechanisms, but the CA website is accommodating enough to invite suggestions. We made a few.

With Cryptocurrency Alerting it’s possible to have up to three active alerts at any time for free, 20 active alerts will cost $3.99 a month and 120 are $19.99. Further, some of the more complex functionality is only available to subscribers. Overall, this is a great introduction to crypto alerts with a whole lot of horsepower beneath the hood.

The only additional features we need are a free mini bar and Swedish hot oil massage.


With CoinWink, users can set up email alerts without even creating an account. To make modifications or to manage those alerts, registration is required so it’s probably better just to bite the bullet, supply your email, and confirm. It’s fair to say that CoinWink functionality is basic, but the controls and ease of use are all the better for it. It’s possible to monitor price movement by % or specify fiat currency equivalents [see below] including USD, GBP, JPY, BRL and EUR. Alternatively, prices can be measured against the big two cryptos of BTC and ETH. 

Users can choose from an extensive list of coins including BTC, ETH, USDT, BCH and LTC. When we say extensive, we’re not joking: there are hundreds of them. Importantly, CoinWink supports XMR and ZEN, two of the best privacy coins on the market. One last point of consideration: the CoinWink CAPTCHA is a math problem, so one to avoid if you don’t know what seventy times seven is.


CoinStats is another powerful price tracker that integrates a number of useful additional features including a news aggregator compiled from 27 sources. Another nifty feature from CoinStats is that it allows users to monitor their portfolio on wallets and exchanges. The price alerts are offered in two flavors, Auto or Custom. With Auto, the price notifications can be set to low, medium, or high while custom alerts are price specific. The difference between the two is something close to the equivalent of buying a suit straight off the peg or having one made to measure. Whether you choose the fast and dirty route or take a little longer to find the best fit is your call.

CoinStats is one of the slickest price alert apps.

The pro version of CoinStats also allows you to manage all your exchanges and wallets, receive portfolio analytics and access “the wisdom of the crowd” by analyzing user statistics across the platform.


With its purple color scheme, Coindera certainly sets itself apart visually. Coindera is a powerful tool for price point alerts that allows you to choose not only the coin, but the exchange for which you would like to monitor. Whether you want to check the price of BTC on Binance, ETH on Kraken, or LTC on QuadrigaCX – no really – Coindera claims to have you covered. Notifications on Coindera can be set for buy price, sell price, average price, high price or low price with messages sent via email, SMS, Pushover or Telegram. 

To supercharge the Coindera experience, a pro account costing $2 a week adds percentage change and daily updates to the list of available features.


Rounding off our list is CoinMarketCap, which is among the most respected and popular information services in the sector. It makes a great starting point for anyone new to crypto and setting crypto alerts. and supplies enough customization to satisfy the needs of seasoned crypto enthusiasts. On first sight, it’s clear why CoinMarketCap has carved out a name for itself in such a cluttered market. The opening screen offers four main headline features: price alerts, compare, converter and watchlists.

When using the price alert functionality, you’re invited to set specific values measured either in USD or BTC, with alerts firing off when above or below that value. It’s simple, but highly effective, and because it’s CoinMarketCap, users have a comprehensive 2,000+ coins to choose from. The other three main features are obviously not alerts but they do allow you to quickly compare two assets, to convert values from one asset class to another, and to monitor coins of interest. All useful stuff. While the alerts are functional rather than awe-inspiring, the app offers a whole range of other information that makes it a worthwhile download. CoinMarketCap has also recently added another string to its bow with aggregated news headlines and articles so you can keep abreast of breaking crypto events as they happen. Highly recommended.

Proof that apps don’t need to be flashy to be successful.

Are there further great alerting apps we missed? Let us know how completely inadequate we are in the comment section below.

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